The Now

For over 30 years, owners Eugene and Rose Evans have built a solid reputation in the boat construction and repair business. The Evans' are committed to providing quality service to their customers. Along with their children, David and Christina, and grandson David Jr, they have built boats for Aberdeen Proving Ground, Disney Cruise Lines, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and thousand of other customers around the world. They believe that a reputation of an honest reliable business is the recipe for success.

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Our History

Our mission at Evans Boats has always been about meeting the needs of our customers! Eugene Evans began Evans Boats by meeting a need. His father was in need of a boat, so Eugene went to work and built his first Evans Boat. They say "the rest is history". Over the last several years, the industry has evolved and the need has shifted based on economy changes and industry demands. Most of our work has come from those wishing to refurbish their current boats in various ways, rather than spending the money to purchase new boats which might cause financial strains. With this in mind, and after much thought and prayer by the Evans Family, Evans Boats decided to halt boat building to focus on the real need of our customers in this season...boat refurbishing and repair. 

We are so thankful for the customers that we have built lasting friendships with after building them a boat, and continue to enjoy helping them on restoration projects of their existing Evans and Somerset boats. We are continuing to enjoy the new round of friendships being built through this industry!

It is important to note that we will be keeping our catamaran and river tour boat molds, and we still have a few molds left in stock for sale or conversion. 


Its been said that KFC, one of the first restaurant franchises in America, began at a time when women began getting jobs. With both parties of the household working, it made it difficult for meals to be prepped and cooked for the families. Colonel Sanders saw a need, and acted upon it, thus beginning the first Kentucky Fried Chicken. This venture met a need for hard working families everywhere. When we see a need, and we have the ability to meet it...we must meet it! You never know what meeting a need could turn into---

David Evans, Jr.

Office Manager, Evans Boats

Evans Boat Repair, Inc.